Fantasy Football Starters Signs Two Veteran Free Agents

Wednesday, June 13, 2012  Arrow   Fantasy Football Starters Signs Two Veteran Free Agents
by Jeff Coruccini, Fantasy Football Starters
Updated on: 6/13/2012
Fantasy Football Starters Signs Two Veteran Free Agents
Kelly and Dan Grogan have a combined 50 years of experience in fantasy football. They are two expert NFL analysts and industry pioneers, not to mention veteran publishers and football writers.

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Jeff Coruccini, who is the President of Fantasy Football Starters, sent out a press release on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 to announce: "Fantasy Football Starters Signs Two Veteran Free Agents"

According to Jeff Coruccini, fantasy Football Starters has signed NFL gurus Dan and Kelly Grogan to provide expert fantasy advice for the 150,000 registered users of the website, plus millions more fantasy fans who can benefit from their fantasy football articles and picks. 

Fantasy Football Starters is located at PO Box 25732, Scottsdale, AZ, USA 85255. Jeff Coruccini can be contacted by phone at 480-6686014 for more information.

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In a world where every NFL off-season move is scrutinized by millions of football fans, it's understandable why more than 25 million fantasy football fans get excited when their favorite fantasy website adds quality free agents of its own.

That's what makes today's announcement of Fantasy Football Starters' free agent signing of NFL fantasy football gurus Dan and Kelly Grogan big news in the fantasy football industry. The Grogan brothers are seasoned veterans whose very successful career in providing highly analytical fantasy draft and team management information dates back to 1986.

They will team up with the company's current NFL fantasy football expert, Russ Bliss, to provide player analysis, articles, cheat sheets and 2012 fantasy football projections. Plus, the trio of NFL analysts will interact with customers through radio, blogging, live chat and other venues.

"We are absolutely thrilled to have Dan and Kelly Grogan join our team," says Fantasy Football Starters President/CEO Jeff Coruccini. "Having them join Russ and the entire team strengthens our position in providing the best fantasy football cheat sheets, draft, line-up and trade analysis and advice in the industry."

After a successful run with Grogans Fantasy Sports and Athlon Sports for more than 25 years, the brothers were very selective in deciding what team they decided to join this off-season. "It really got down to what fantasy football provider we felt was the best fit for us," says Dan Grogan. "It was very important that both parties had alignment, desire and passion in wanting to provide the best NFL fantasy football fan experience, combining projections through robust software, expert opinion and player analysis all in one site."

NFL experts who cover the NFL also took note of the importance of this signing.

"The fantasy football business is very competitive," says NFL analyst Andy Benoit, who writes for the New York Times, CBS Sports, Football Outsiders and appears on NFL Network's "Top 10" show. "Knowing both parties and the quality of work they do makes me think this really does place as one of the best premium provider of 2012 fantasy draft software, predictions and analysis. Having worked with Jeff and Russ -- and knowing Dan and Kelly Grogan -- I would say it is the perfect fit."

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